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Press Release: Market Structure EDGE Gives Active Traders an Untapped Advantage

By: Tim Quast | Jul 15, 2020 | Market Structure NEWS

Longtime market-structure experts at ModernIR develop the first decision-support analytics platform for active traders predicted on the rules that govern how stock trade. Steamboat Springs, CO (Jul 8, 2020) – Market Structure EDGE LLC has launched…

Steamboat man launches Market Structure EDGE, an innovative investment platform

By: Tim Quast | Aug 29, 2020 | Market Structure NEWS

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — Part-time Steamboat Springs resident Tim Quast is hoping his latest venture, Market Structure EDGE, LLC, will help give active investors an edge by incorporating market-structure signals when shaping their portfolio…

Market Structure Expert Shares One Simple Trading Rule With An 83% Success Rate

By: Tim Quast | Aug 29, 2020 | Market Structure NEWS

Any investor that’s attempted to dip their toes in the world of stock or options trading knows how complicated it can be. There are a multitude of methods, techniques and strategies that can be utilized…