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How to use EDGE

Market Structure EDGE condenses equity market rules and central tendencies into two core metrics: Market Structure Sentiment (Demand) and Short Volume (Supply). It makes the complex simple: Trade Supply/Demand divergences. The EDGE video series – short, easy segments – below explains how it works.

1. Welcome to Market Structure EDGE

2. Cutting to the Chase: How to Use EDGE (AAPL case study)

3. What Broad Market Sentiment Tells Us

4. Context Matters: The Cadence and Calendar of the Market

5. Divergence: The Linchpin to Profitable Long Trades

6. Using your EDGE Dashboard

7. Navigation Basics: Finding Stocks

8. Your EDGE Portfolio View: Volatility and Liquidity

9. Using EDGE Data to Build Portfolios

10. Case Studies: Using Supply and Demand to Trade

11. Using Rules to Execute Trades

12. What Makes EDGE Uniquely Valuable